Rest In Power, Nathalie Lafontaine

Rest In Power, Nathalie Lafontaine

My friend Nathalie Lafontaine passed away this weekend.

I am still speechless, but I thought it’d be good to draw something to remember her.

En mémoire de Nathalie Lafontaine. Repose en paix.

I chose to draw this specifically for the following reasons:
  • On game nights, she’d always use Eevee as her avatar
  • Sylveon is a trans symbol, and cute as fuck
  • I caught a shiny Eeevee in pokemon go on Sunday: the day we were supposed to have another game night but she couldn’t make it…
  • In the background, I made a sort of D20 geometry bc she used to DnD a lot
  • Eevee can learn Trump Card & Nathalie played Magic the Gathering, so I figured I could mix those two things.
We’re gonna miss you so fucking much.

Rest in Power, Nathalie.