La-Mulana 2 | Baphomet

La-Mulana 2 | Baphomet

La-Mulana 2 spoilers ahead. You may just skip to seeing a higher resolution of my art over there.

In La-Mulana 2, you get to meet Baphomet in a different light.

She was already my most favorite thing of the first game, so I welcomed this wholeheartedly.

I felt the need to draw her immediately after I’ve seen her. I just love her so much.

(sorry, my sketches are always kind of a mess…)

Then I felt a bit stuck; I asked my brother to help with some elements of it (the mask, the face, the wings, more specifically). I then carried on and did a background based off the Yggdrasil tree map you can see through the Brahma puzzle.

Then I decided to make this a digital painting. And also tried the technique of having like a neutral grayish background and adding values to it to make the shading…. which I never did before.

It took forever.

I spent about 45 hours on this, from the sketch to the end result. About 2 hours can safely be said that I was waiting for my photoshop files to save… 😅

Saving was kind of a chore, because I used too many layers in Photoshop… the file crashed two or three times, and I had to take the habit of saving into a new file the flattened layers so I would stop lagging so much.

But now it’s done! And I’m having this printed on a 24″ x 36″ wallscroll!

I livestreamed pretty much everything starting from the background sketch all the way to the end. It was both to keep focused, track the time and also to be able to make a timelapse video. I’m going to put this up pretty soon, but in the meantime, here are the youtube links to all the streaming hours (about 40 hours).

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Session 1:
Session 2:
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