Kirby hats #1 – Ann Takamaki

So if you’re following the gaming world, you may have noticed Kirby has a new hat, thanks to Super Smash Ultimate bringing Joker from Persona 5.

The first thing that jumped in my face in Kirby’s new hat design were the anime eyes:

Image published directly

And I have to admit, not only don’t I hate the eyes, I ADORE THEM.

Also, I’m currently playing (and privately streaming) Persona 5 on a weekly basis, and it’s my very first Persona playthrough, so currently everything related to the series really hype me up.

So… I figured I could draw some more P5 protagonist Kirby hats! All the party members get masks and hair, so it should be nice enough on Kirby.

Here’s the first one so far — Ann Takamaki!

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