FE Lucina Hoodie

FE Lucina Hoodie

My brother commissioned me a piece for a Hoodie featuring Fire Emblem’s Lucina fighting, as she is his main in SSBU.

It was a long process spanning from April to September, but I finally managed to have the hoodie produced in a way that was satisfying to him.

Eighteen sketches later, however.

He’s lucky to be my brother.

Hopefully I can recycle those poses and drawings for some other projects.

At least the end result is a beautiful piece.

The original artwork + some mock-ups produced by the PoD website

It has been done since late august but I finally got a live piece to show off, so here it is on myself:

You’ll notice the Halftone effect was removed in the end product, it didn’t turn up showing great on the first hoodie. Even though it was the second hoodie, I actually have yet to see the first one. If I had, however, I would have fixed Lucina’s colors to pop better, like the hair. They look almost black instead of blue.

Oh well. It’s still a cool piece!