Boldly Magical! red hoodie design

Yesterday, I saw a pretty design on The Yetee dailies, by Coinbox Tees.

Coinbox Tees’ design

The magical red hoodie was chanting my name… 💖

But I resisted the siren song: I thought, well, sure, it’s a cute design, but what I really want is a soft-red hoodie. Not some “in your face red”, but one with a speck of blue, and a lil more desaturated, just like the one that was available.

Of course, this led me to check out my own merch website and noticed I put a “deadline” for its opening on March 1st. I probably did that months ago and never thought about it again. Oops.

So I thought, if I could find a mild-red hoodie by a print-on-demand service and make a design, I could at the same time make it my website’s first design and justify opening it instead of having a perpetual timer on it.

So, of course, this meant I needed to make a logo for my clothing brand:

At this point I have more logo than artwork to sell…

I used Hatchful again to make this logo.

Then, I used some of the assets I bought forever ago and some from Clip Studio Paint and whipped something quick that I’d see myself wear at work. For me, this means something with sacred geometry.

Finally, I went and checked all hoodie designs on Printful and PrintAura to see if they had some softer red ones.

And they did not. 😭

This is just too red.

Now, those two are my favorites, but they aren’t the only print on demand service I know. So I went and checked the next big thing, Printify.

Now, I found a reddish hoodie that finally wasn’t hellfire, according to my screen, on Printify. Here’s the mockups below:

So I made the design ASAP and ordered one! However…

I didn’t do my research right. This color’s name is, after all, fire red.

And it only occurred to me after the order to check on another website this hoodie model and how red it looks. Which is VERY red. EXTREMELY red:

But the mock-up from Printify was the exact color I wanted…

So, uh, I decided to prepare another red hoodie that’s a lil darker, juuust in case the other one ends up retina-destroying red. I won’t order it right away, but it’s ready, just in case.

It’s not as cute but it’s cute nonetheless.

I’ll gift the firey-red away if need be. I’m sure someone online would want it provided they cover the shipping fees. 😊

I can’t wait for it. I’ll probably do a new post with a review complaining about the thumbnails/mockups if it turns out super red. Or one gushing about my new hoodie. Only time will tell.

Until then, cheers!