Louaseau, Coolann and I hosted a donation stream to help pay Lucky’s vet bills, my friend’s cat.

We made icon requests in exchange of 15$ donated to their Ko-Fi account during a livestream and it was hilariously fun.

Lou basically made all the bases because he is amazing and draws fast. I did the Tiefling, the broody dude and the bunny’s colors, whereas the others are entirely Lou’s pieces. Doing a collab with Lou was so fun. The whole experience was super.

If you want to know more about the donation stream, I made a Google Doc for how the process and art/delivery would go. It’s a good template too if you want to host something similar. Just credit me if you use the document! Here it is:

Watch a replay of the stream (it’s 3 hours but we’ve been told it’s quite funny by all our friends, so surely it must be true):

We made several icon “bases” (or Your Character Here, YCH) to stimulate interest as well (you may not use them without permission, thanks!)