Black cat animal crossing villager design

I have been playing some animal crossing later and I made this artwork of a black cat villager that represents my own cat, Sissel:

So, what do you think, smorc?

She’s a laid-back yet territorial cat, and I’d see her with the cranky personality. I think it rings truer to her get-off-my-lawn vibe. Plus, considering her namesake, Sissel from Ghost Trick, the quotes really crack me up.

Her catchphrase would be “smorc”, as she sometimes show her bottom teeth for no apparent reasons. We keep saying she’s SMOrcing us when it happens. Plus, it’s fitting with the cranky attitude.

Art software: Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Time spent: 3 hours.

References: my own cat, I also looked at the cat villagers online so I would have a unique enough design and also see the design conventions among them.

Silently judging u

As usual, I have to plug Sissel’s instagram: