Gamma Lurantis

Wanted to draw Lurantis, and my friend proposed an alternative design, that he dubs Gamma. I deviated from it a bit, though, but I still wanted to share it with y’all bc it’s quite a clever idea:

Gamma Lurantis – Ground/Fairy.
Ability : Sand Veil.
Hidden ability: Dancer.

It is adapted to desertic weather and landscapes. Moving with grace allows it to gather sand during sandstorms, which GAMMA LURANTIS uses to mimic an Antlion’s nest. It pretends to be a predatory antlion and catches spiders off guard. Instead of eating them, however, GAMMA LURANTIS forces them to yield their silk. SPINARAKS and ARIADOS are amongst its favourite preys.

It travels and exposes itself once per month at the new moon to collect water unavailable in desertic climates. When caught, it uses the hoarded silk stolen from SPINARAKS to mesmerize and confuse predators before making a swift exit. When burrowed, it only exposes its face. The strange marking ressembling a third eye tricks unsuspecting SPINARAKS into coming closer, thinking they found a friend.

New moves include : Teether dance, Swords dance, Quiver dance, Featherdance, Sandstorm, Stomping Tantrum, Dig, Play rough, Play nice, Misty terrain, camouflage, acrobatics, Miracle eye, sticky web, guard split

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