Boldly Magical Hoodie: Sample and pictures

I ended up ordering two samples of my Boldly Magical hoodie. They’re both from Printify, but they’re different models.

The first one ended up too red, as expected, but it also had some print errors:

The new one has a slight blue shade to it, when compared to the other one, and it’s a little darker, too.

Now, it won’t look very different in the following pictures; I’ll have to take side-by-side pictures later. I wanted to, but I gave this hoodie away a couple of weeks ago, and we’re currently under quarantine. We’ll have to wait.

Overall, I love this hoodie. It’s very cute and comfortable. It’s warm, too. This one is a large one, which is my usual size, and there’s some wiggle room.

The print quality was much better the second time around, too, with barely any white underbase showing.

All-in-all, I love it! I want to have this hoodie for sale, but I may actually rework the front print for something different, as I think this one is a bit overboard, especially compared to the back print. But the back print is so cute. I just love it.